Baking Tips: Ratios and Ingredients Matter

Who knew baking was a science?!

Ratios in baking matter, that is the lesson I learned the hard way with these cookies. Growing up, scotcharoo bars was one of my favorite desserts and I would love to try to recreate that in cookie form. 

After the massive success of the compost cookie, I figured I would try a stripped-down version to see how it tasted and possibly use it as the foundation for something better (I’m still working on it, but maybe you’ll hear about it in the near future 👀).

I skated through this cookie, thinking I had mastered baking and all of its elements but my overconfidence and lack of mindfulness while making the dough ended up in loose, greasy cookies that spread out on the sheet pan faster than Bob Wiley’s influence in a small New Hampshire town.

I ended up putting them into ice cream and it was actually pretty good, and at the end of the day I messed up either my ratio of butter or flour when doubling the recipe so don’t be like me! Be mindful when baking and focus on what you are doing so you don’t end up wasting an entire day making things that aren’t going to turn out. The full list of ingredients can be found here, but let’s go over how to make these cookies the right way.

Creaming the Butter

My favorite process of making cookies has finally gotten easier because I let the butter come to room temperature this time! Instead of taking 4-5 minutes, it took 2-3 and when I added the eggs and vanilla extract to the butter and sugars, it took another 6-7 minutes to fully cream everything together.

Adding the Dry Stuff

Like we have done before, you add the dry ingredients to this delicious mixture of sugar and butter and fully incorporate it. This means mixing it until you don’t see any more streaks of flour and that is it! Overmixing it could lead to tough cookies and that is the last thing you want. 

Adding the Fun Stuff

This time I only added mini chocolate chips and butterscotch chips, but I am working on a method of making these more like a scotcharoo and less like a cookie with just chocolate and butterscotch chips. I think I might have added too many chocolate chips, but that isn’t really a bad thing.

The End Result

I baked these at 350 for around 18 minutes, and that is something I wouldn’t do again. My oven is wonkey, so I would bake it at 375 like the compost cookie was in an effort to prevent the spreading. 

My lack of focus when doubling my recipe and possibly the oven temperature both played a role, but even if the end result was something ugly it was still pretty delicious. 

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