Baking Recipes: Milk Bar's Cornflake Crunch is Addicting

I need Cornflake Crunch in everything

The cookie itself, a chocolate chip/marshmallow cookie that features the Cornflake Crunch, is excellent, and you should check out the recipe for it here to make it for yourself (with the right flour), but you can (and SHOULD) use this crunchy, salty, sweet cereal-and-milk-but-better snack in any dessert.

The full list of ingredients can be found here, but making this is super easy and requires only a few things. The only item that might be hard to find in a grocery store is milk powder, but you can get enough to last you a lifetime on Amazon for only a few dollars (but you'll be making this crunch so often you should work through it sooner than later).

Making this is essentially three steps.

First, you crush the cornflakes in your hands until they are about ¼ their average size. When done, you add the milk powder, sugar, and salt while tossing gently to combine. Then you incorporate your melted butter, allowing it to clump up a little — and you are essentially done.

All that is left is throwing it in a preheated 275-degree oven for around 20 minutes, or until it is bubbly, golden brown, toasty, and the scent of buttery goodness has filled your apartment and soul.

I invested in a Silpat to make these baking jobs easier but using a parchment paper-lined sheet pan works just as well. The ended up going into cookies that were good but not great because of how much butter they leaked, but my next attempt will get more attention. 

In the meantime, put this stuff on everything (or in cookies like I did)! It's especially good in ice cream — trust me.

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