I Really Love Cookies

Seriously. I don't think I have met someone that loves cookies or baked goods more than I do. I love being around them, eating them, baking them, smelling them, and sharing them with everyone I know. 

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram to see all these incredible baked goods being made and been too intimidated to try? Do you watch cooking shows weekly and think “there’s no way it really comes together like that?” Are a collection of cookbooks gathering in your home but not being put to use? 

You aren’t alone.

I have been a lifelong consumer cooking shows and cookbooks, but never really took the inititive to get in the kitchen myself until recently. Now that I’ve taken the leap, I think everyone should experience the joy of baking.

I am no expert, but I am hoping to learn as I go and provide some worthwhile and entertaining information for everyone who reads.

I hope to create a community where we can all come together to have some fun, learn some new skills, and enjoy creating something new & delicious. I started Baked with Nick in an effort to sharpen my own skills in the kitchen while producing content I enjoy making, but hopefully it can become the baking resource I always wanted but couldn't find and so much more.

This is going to be a place for tips and tricks for at home bakers, to talk about cooking shows and cookbooks, and hopefully get better at baking — together.